The Movie

A free spirited American moves to Stockholm to take a chance on happy ever after, and discovers that the man she loves may be a killer.

Following a whirlwind romance, Regan King has just moved to Sweden to be with her boyfriend Anders when his best friend Hanna is found murdered.

As it becomes apparent that Anders is under police suspicion for Hanna’s murder, a horrified Regan sets out to clear his name – but is confronted with evidence suggesting his guilt at every turn.

Tove, another friend of Anders and Hanna, takes Regan under her wing, helping her to translate news stories about Anders’ previous girlfriend who died in mysterious circumstances and arranging for her to meet Hanna’s brother who believes that Anders broke Hanna’s heart.

When it is revealed that Hanna had been having an affair with Tove’s boyfriend Daniel – and Daniel turns up dead – it becomes clear that Anders is innocent and Tove is the real killer.IMG_7826

But Regan doesn’t know that.

Blindly trusting her seeming one ally in a strange country, Regan becomes convinced of Anders’ guilt and goes with Tove out to the cottage where Hanna died to hide from him. When Anders shows up to rescue her from Tove’s clutches, he is met by a loaded gun…

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